A good marketing plan starts with good planning. We start by asking the right questions to understand your business and the goals you set. Analyzing your current brand and marketing efforts, and those of your competitors, is essential.


• Goal Review

• Market Analysis

• Brand Analysis

• Demographic Analysis

• Competitor Analysis






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Mixing marketing elements and a wide spectrum of creative ideas can help ensure the success of your brand.

We pick the right mix, and create innovative ways to reach new customers or existing clients.


• Print Advertising

• Events / Outdoor Advertising

• Social Media

• Web / App Development

• PR / Radio

• Promotional Products



Measuring the success of your efforts and always working to improve results can put your goals within reach. We take the guess work out of marketing your brand and we create brands that drive real results.


• Campaign Tracking

• Follow-Up Marketing

Web Analytics

• Marketing Surveys

• Customer Feedback



Managing to reach all the goals in your marketing plan can be challenging without a team and the right plan. We cover all the details, leaving our customers to focus on innovating and building their business. Whether rolling out a new brand or reshaping an existing one, we stay focused on your success.




Make your brand a magnet for customers.

We renew existing brands and mold new brands to resonate with your target market. If your brand or marketing are not getting the results you want, it may be time to consider a new approach. Making your brand a magnet is what we do best. Contact us, and let us show you the power of the science of branding and marketing.




"The logo and branding Platinum did for our company was and continues to be outstanding.

I would recommend them to any company."

-D. Greenhut, The Book Company


"We couldn't be more thrilled!"

-J. Choinski, Phoenix Care Solutions


"Our logo and branding are strong.

Thanks Platinum."

-L. Bard, Chapters Group


"Platinum did an excellent job branding our company. We are very happy."

-H. Moore, Deathly Delicious Baked Goods


"YES!! I love the logo for VOICES OF RUDY!
Thanks again for excellent work!"
-Cheryl Ruettiger, Voices of Rudy Ruettiger


"The final logo was outstanding and took my breath away. Platinum also became a consultant for other work I needed because of their expertise and professionalism.

-Ron Williams, Men's Ministries CSC

"Thanks for your work, we love the logo"

-Xander Addison, NeoSyn Bartending Academy